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Sony Max
Sony Max is India's premium Movies and Special Events channel. It is backed by Sony Pictures Television, SPT and provides its viewers with big budget and best of Hindi Movies. Sony Max has been widely acclaimed and recognized in the media marketplace with several top awards. Sony Max was Launched in 1999, and since then it is the fastest growing channel in its category. Max is the No. 2 Movie channel in India after the rival ZEE Cinema.

Sony Max also provides Events, which include the exclusive telecast right's for ICC Cricket tournaments all the way till 2007 ending with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. With Extraaa Innings, Sony Max changed the rules of cricket presentation in India during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, and made it an entertaining affair that set viewership records. Thanks to pioneering concepts like Extraaa Innings and Extraaa Shots, combined with its innovative Programming and Marketing initiatives.

Sony Max reaches over 24 million people in India and has registered tremendous growth in viewership and market share in the Indian Cable & Satellite Television market. Sony Max is famous for its punch line Deewana bana de. It has the exclusive right's for many superhit films and big budget films. Max has the best TV channel packaging.
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