Pyramid Saimira launches One Reel Movement | News Correspondent | Chennai
Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd and Jnanabanu Visual Media, an culture and communication production unit, have launched One Reel Movement to promote new talent in Indian cinema.
Films with the duration of only one reel will be produced and exhibited in a chain of theatres, featuring new ideas and new talent, and are shown before the main film in the theatres.
‘Thirumathi James Ippodhu Enna Seyya Vendum ?’, the first one reel film will be screened on December 28, 2007. On the same day exactly 112 years ago, the first cinema was shown to the public by Lumiere brothers, that was also an one reel running for less than ten minutes with several short visuals each running for a few seconds. To mark this commemoration, 112 Tamil writers will be inaugurating the first show of the film on this day simultaneously in 112 theatres in different places of Tamil Nadu.

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